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Our clients have unique challenges, and we have a wide range of services to meet them. This diverse skill set matched with our expertise and cutting-edge tools are designed to meet our clients’ qualitative research goals and objectives, whatever they may be. Please feel free to browse some of our featured services located to the right of the page.

Expert In-House Recruiting

Oklahoma Focus recruits a vast array of respondents for every kind of qualitative projects including financial, consumer, media, legal, political and business to business. Oklahoma Focus will deliver targeted and qualified recruits with high show rates. We can recruit from our database, client provided lists, and other sources as well.

Quality Assurance

We recruit fresh respondents who are articulate and happy to share feedback, not just bodies that meet the qualifications and we deny access to people who are “professional respondents”.

Video Streaming

FocusVision is the leading global provider of live video transmission, analysis and archive solutions for the qualitative market research industry. With transmission solutions for all venues, including the largest global network of focus group facilities, FocusVision delivers the highest audio and video quality and reliability for the most advanced research organizations in the world.

FocusVision solutions increase key stakeholder participation, avoid the hassles and costs of travel and accelerate the review, analysis and reporting process to make smarter decisions, faster.

Mock Juries

We can show you how to utilize mock jury research

Societal perceptions rapidly change, Oklahoma Focus’ mock jury research sheds light on the basic truths and motivating factors behind jury psychology. Jury research saves you time and money, takes you through the selection process to ensure a representative pool of jurors, and provides you with vital information. The strategies developed and tested during research pay off when you need it most at trial.

Mock jury research can save thousands of dollars and priceless hours of litigation time. Why spend months of case preparation, only to discover that the critical elements of your case did not resonate with the jury? As our clients know, jury research can help you understand a jury’s psychology by discovering key motivating factors and how to exploit them. Jury research is money well spent assisting litigators in choosing precise strategies for case preparation and litigation.


We provide transcription and translation services of focus groups, one-on-ones, panel discussions and more.

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