Oklahoma In Focus

Oklahoma is a state rich with tradition and possibilities. With a location in the middle of the United States, a low cost of living and a highly educated workforce, Oklahoma is the ideal place to identify Americans who fit every demographic. Below are a few key facts about Oklahoma.



Oklahoma’s population is growing rapidly with 3,943,000 residents in 2018.




  • Key Industries: Aviation, Energy, Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Agriculture
  • Six fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Oklahoma.
  • In 2006, Oklahoma had the 3rd fastest growing per capita income in the USA.
  • Oklahoma has been rated one of the most business-friendly states in the nation, with the 7th-lowest tax burden in 2007.
  • Oklahoma City was named as the top “Recession-proof” city by Fortune Magazine.




In Oklahoma City, Interstate 35 intersects with Interstates 44 and 40, forming one of the most important intersections along the United States highway system.

Oklahoma’s largest commercial airport is Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, averaging a yearly passenger count of more than 3.5 million

Tulsa International Airport, the state’s second largest commercial airport, serves more than 3 million travelers annually.




Oklahoma had 549 incorporated places in 2006, including three cities over 100,000 in population

Oklahoma City Population:
643,648 – 1.41 million in metro OKC (2018)
It is the 29th most populous city in the United States.

Oklahoma City area:
622.5 square miles – the third largest land area for a city in the nation.

Oklahoma City Attractions & Entertainment:
Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
The Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Oklahoma City Zoo
The Oklahoma Science Museum
OKC Convention & Visitors Bureau

Tulsa Population:
384,037 – 955,643 in Metro Tulsa
It is the 45th largest city and the 2nd largest in Oklahoma.